Woodsfresh Weekly Update
April 30, 2015    

This is the first of a series of weekly updates intended to provide our customers with advanced notice of which types of fresh mushrooms are expected to be available at each Saturday market. 
Here at Woodsfresh we have been closely monitoring our logs to ensure they are staged correctly and given what they need to develop.  Various mushroom species each have a set of "ideal" environmental conditions in which they will produce, including appropriate temperature and humidity ranges.  In our forest farm we can influence the natural conditions somewhat with frost blankets, shade cloths and lots of spring water, but mother nature always has the final say. 
Last weekend we had three consecutive nights with extended temps below 30° (one night was down to 26°), resulting in a but of a delay in the spring shiitake fruiting cycle.  The crop of shiitake expected for the May 2nd market are going to be ready for the May 9 market instead.