Located in the beautifully forested Pocono Mountain woodlands, Woodsfresh, Inc. is a small family farm dedicated to delivering fresh, high quality specialty, gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.                                                      

Forest Grown:

Woodsfresh "forest grown" mushrooms are a product of the great outdoors. They are cultivated on naturally decaying hardwoods and harvested daily from our forested log yard beginning each April.  We believe that the forest enhances the rich, diverse flavors and nutritional/medicinal benefits of these premium mushrooms.


Year Round Production:

We also produce several varieties of sawdust and straw fed mushrooms in our "enhanced fruiting environments".  By ensuring that the temperature, humidity, lighting, circulation and ventilation are all at optimal levels, we are able to produce consistent year round flushes of fresh, locally grown mushrooms for our customers.


Our "Woods":

Our forest mushroom farm is located on a pristine spring fed trout stream in a remote area of Paradise Township - a really great place to go to work! 

Along with the farm, we have direct access to several thousand additional acres of unpopulated heavily wooded forests where we enjoy hunting down some of our area's wild mushroom treasures.

Our Legacy:

The Woodsfresh mushroom farm property was part of our great grandparents' homestead in the mid 1800's, and we proudly carry their frontier spirit forward.  We operate in harmony with nature to deliver products that are farmed or foraged using sustainable, non-invasive and organic processes.


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